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Industrial Vacuum Pumps Help Coal Miners

March 5th, 2015 Posted by admin

Did you know that today people are stilling mining? Yes, that’s right. It is still a very important job we have. People all over are still mining for coal, metallic materials and other various minerals from the ground. Now, mining is a very difficult and dangerous task. However, with today’s technology it is slowly being improved. With the help of industrial vacuum pumps, miners can get a little help on the job. Industrial vacuum pumps are huge pieces of equipment and can only be used for major mining jobs, such as the ones in South America.

Coal mining is still a very important energy resource. Though many are skeptical on whether or not we should continue coal mining. Burning fossil fuels is known to impact the environment negatively. The equipment they use, such as the industrial vacuum pumps, are being used strategically to decrease the ecological footprint. However, we still have a lot of positive use for coal in the world. Here are ten reasons to continue coal mining:

1. Coal is still the cheapest source for energy. It is substantially cheaper than other energy resources such as nuclear, natural gas, and oil.

2. Coal is a stable energy resource. There are no scarcities of coal, which can occur with natural gas.

3. Coal is wood that has been under pressure for millions of years. Making it a renewable resource.

4. Mining for coal has created many jobs. Unlike other energy resources coal needs more than just machinery to remove it from the ground. In our economic state it is important to keep jobs available.

5. Coal can be mined all over the world. It does not need to be imported or exported from other countries; we can mine it in the US.

6. When coal is used as an energy source it does not impact the environment as much as other energy resources might. Mining and burning coal has come a long way with its’ environmental responsibility.

7. Those who own land where coal can be mined are given more options for development. Mining can flatten the land and make it easier to development, and the landowner is compensated for the inconvenience.

8. If we use coal sensibly then we can make time to come up with alternative energy sources. Solar technology is still being developed and hasn’t quite taken off yet. Also, a look at energy from grain is an option still in progress.

9. Over 50% of the electricity in the United States is provided by coal. Some states depend on coal more than others. For example, Kentucky depends on coal for more than 90% of their energy.

10. Coal is good for the economy. It is creating jobs and supporting the local economy within the states. Boosting our economy is always a good benefit.

Mining Methods

There two different approaches mining coal and within the two approaches are different methods:
• Surface Mining
– Mountaintop mine
– Contour mine
– Highwall or Auger mine
– Area mine
• Underground Mining
– Drift mine
– Slope mine
– Shaft mine

Different equipment such as an industrial vacuum pump helps with the coal mining procedure. After the coal is mined it has to be prepared. During the preparation period is where you can most likely see an industrial vacuum pump in use. The industrial vacuum pump helps filter the coal fines for treatment.

Since mining is so important still, the need for industrial vacuum pumps is still evident. Although for centuries coal has been mined by hand the process is evolving. Coal is still a very important energy resource today and we should continue to mine.